Education as if People Mattered

There appears to be no limit to human ingenuity and invention. The power of the human imagination seems to inevitably drive us on.  

It is the combining of words with action that helps us to advance the most. 

Words in isolation only produce hot air. 

This is perhaps why it is the world of technology that tends to push us on further than almost anything else. This has lead us to the conclusion that technical innovation is far more important than anything else.

Scientific research of course provides the toolbox for this powerful machinery to be set in motion and over recent decades  science has advanced in leaps and bounds coupled together with the advances that have gradually been made over the last couple of centuries in particular.

What has stubbornly remained however is human misery and conflict. Despite millions of years of evolution on the emotional level at least we still remain fairly primitive in our outlooks in relation to one another.

Some progress has still been made even in this field especially in the area of social psychology. It seems unlikely despite great advances in military technology that there will ever be another world war as such but instead we have replaced this horrible possibility with a never ending array of small scale conflicts that seem to burst out in all the places where emotions still run high.

This ever shrinking world of ours is still so solidly divided by ideological and theological differences that at times appear so insoluble. In terms of economics however there has been far more convergence whether of a deliberate making or not.

This is why no matter who we are and where we are from we need to learn from one another in order to be able to ensure that we have a common future that unites rather than divides us. 

Language learning is therefore one small step in this direction.