Individual and Corporate Greed

It is becoming increasingly difficult to accept that political, social and economic inequalities, have not spiraled completely out of control?

Who in their right mind and in good conscience can allow these inequalities to remain unchecked?

It would appear that all those who have any real influence over these concerns have abandoned common sense altogether and are sticking their heads in the sand in the hope that these problems will disappear of their own accord and they can carry on with business as usual.

Individual and corporate social responsibility begin and end with the wealthy in society, especially those who have an extremely high profile and have managed to accumulate far more than anyone can ever hope to spend in one lifetime.

Vast fortunes in the hands of so few individuals mean that somewhere, someone is suffering as a result of their good fortune. economic inequalities inevitably lead to destabilization.

Fortunes do not spring out of thin air. Once acquired they need to be examined in the light of this suffering. Good fortune requires a good character. 

Sound economics needs to be based on a sound understanding of not just economic principles but should also include a sound understanding of ecological principles.

As there is no real voluntary code that extremely wealthy individuals must subscribe to that makes them instantly aware of their social responsibilities towards the generality of humanity, self enlightenment must also intrinsically  include altruism.  

There is a grave need for urgent solutions if there is going to be a way out of this moral maze? 

Time is short for all of us in these days of climate change. It is time to act in unism. 

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