It's Never too late to Learn

It's Never too late to Learn

             7 Reasons You’re NOT Too Old to Learn a Language

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1. Age Is Not the Only Factor

They say that children have the ability to learn faster than adults but the ability to learn languages is not lost with age.

If you could learn a foreign language when you were 6, nothing prevents you from getting into the same learning adventure at 68. The proper learning environment is more important because it helps to get you focused.

2. If You’re Good with Technology

If you’re reading this article, then you already know how to use a computer, tablet, or smartphone!

Those exact tools can help you with your language learning! A child may use a tablet app with the help of their parents, but they cannot access complete courses. When you were young, you were dependent on teachers.

If this is how you still feel about learning then that is great because  face to face leaarning can be quite stimulating. It can be conducted however online whikle you are sitting in the comfort of your own home. If you are a regular user of SKYPE or a similar online platform then it is as simple as that.

In addition to grammar and vocabulary lessons, structuired online discussions in your target language  will help you master the language.

Whatever your age is, it’s perfect for online learning if you’re not a child.

3. You Can Motivate Yourself

The more time has passed, the more you become aware that there’s no time to waste. As an adult, your motivation doesn’t depend on other people. You find it inside.

Set goals:

  • What do you want to learn?
  • What teaching aids are you going to use?
  • How are you going to make progress?

All you need is a timeline that allows you to progressively cover the lesson plans and practice sessions.

Make daily plans, which include at least 30 minutes of language learning each day. Everyone has at least half an hour of free time throughout the day.

Maybe it will be difficult for you to commit to the schedule at the start, but once you go through the first week, you’ll turn the practice into a routine.

You can supplement the process, through recommendations for websites, movies, and YouTube videos.

4. Self-Discipline Is Easier When You’re Older

Children quickly lose focus, so their parents have to discipline them into learning with different methods. As an adult, you still have a slight problem with self-discipline, but you’re also aware of the purpose why you want to learn this language.

As soon as you get into the daily routine and you know that no one forced you into it, you’ll be able to overcome the distractions and stay focused on the task. Organise your learning space, leave the phone in the other room, and don’t answer messages when you’re learning. You need this time for yourself.

5. You’re Able to Find and Fix Your Mistakes

When you’re learning a language as an adult, you have access to dictionaries and grammar. They make the process more complex, but more effective as well. The practice will include some writing and a lot of speaking. When you write a short text, you’ll be able to check the grammar and vocabulary. You will identify the flaws, and you’ll be able to fix them.

Children learn what the environment teaches them. As an adult, you have the power to choose what to learn. You can customise the process to suit your own character and needs.

6. You Have Life Experience

Different languages have various similarities between them. Some words will sound familiar, so you’ll find connections and you’ll remember them easily. English is a Germanic language.

Plus, the grammar rules are more or less the same in different languages. When you’re mastering a new tense in the language you’re learning, you’ll understand its rules more easily. You already learned the same tense for your native tongue.

7. Adults Can Learn Just as Fast as Children

If you are able to stick at it and not give up in the first couple of weeks you will find that it will get easier as time passes. After all, old age brings the gift of time and it is up to you how to use it best.

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