Presentation Skills and Leadership Training

Presentation Skills and Leadership Training

Public speaking and rhetoric expert with 9+ years experience working with executives, employees and entrepreneurs so that they stand taller and become more confident, knowing that their presentations will win sales, generate investment, boost morale, get a promotion, achieve their business goals and create a positive team spirit.

Client results include:

Earning 378% more ROI after single speech,

Winning seed capital for their start up, 

Two clients reaching the Grand Final of the World Championships of Public Speaking,

Non-native speakers giving their first speech in English;

Nervous grooms winning the hearts (and hugs) of their future in-laws from their wedding speech.


The world's first public speaking trainer who's both a certified master mindfulness practitioner and qualified accountant;

An experienced event organiser and founder of Road to World Championships: an international event series;

The youngest-ever UK public speaking champion and European finalist;

A corporate trainer experienced with developing e-learning, video training and classroom lessons.

Combines the latest tools and research in competitive pyschology, creative visualisation, NLP, impression management and dramaturgical analysis.