English as a Global language

English as a Global language

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English is the world’s Common language 

English has come of age as a global language. It is spoken by a quarter of the world’s population, enabling a true single market in knowledge and ideas. 

It now belongs to the world and increasingly to non-native speakers – who today far outnumber native speakers. 

English drives growth and international development. For developing and emerging economies, there is enormous demand and need for English in public education systems to boost stability, employability and prosperity.  

English changes lives. The impact of globalisation and economic development has made English the language of opportunity and a vital means of improving an individual’s prospects for well-paid employment. 

The growth of English, and the emergence of the internet as a truly global communication channel with few boundaries, are mutually reinforcing trends. Thanks to the internet, the rise of social media, the speed and spread of global communications technology and the increasingly globalised and interdependent global economy, English now allows the rapid cross-pollination of ideas and innovation around the world, and the development of a new kind of supranational single market in knowledge and ideas. 

Emerging economies and developing countries increasingly recognise the economic value of producing large numbers of skilled graduates able to communicate in English. 

Jobs, economic opportunity and wealth creation are critical to stability. Countries with a low proficiency in English have uniformly low levels of exports per capita. 

A focus on improved language skills, integrating English into the curriculum from the primary or even pre-school years, helps attract foreign investment, further increasing the need for English speakers; and a strong export sector in services helps create a middle class, strengthening spending and growing the national economy. In developed and developing countries alike, for the investor, the academic, the civil servant, the teacher, the performer, the politician, the secretary, the diplomat, the activist, the schoolchild, English creates opportunities otherwise impossible.

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